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Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment

At Dermalign we believe that no one should suffer through hair loss and skin issues, especially with the scientific advancement of all natural hair and skin rejuvenation. Hair loss, wrinkles and other cosmetic changes can make people feel self conscious and lead to lower self esteem. PRP treatments can be life changing, and our goal is to help people regain their confidence through a natural approach to hair and skin rejuvenation.


We are a local, family owned business, right here on the Sunshine Coast. Dermalign has partnered with all local businesses and suppliers, in hopes that we can provide a salutary service while supporting the community.

Our Team of Nurses

At Dermalign, our team consists of highly qualified registered nurses who are committed to providing quality service with a personal touch. Our caring and attentive nurses understand our patients' needs and strive to help you see real results.

The Science

PRP works by recreating and stimulating the body's natural healing process. When tissue is injured, the body responds by sending specific ‘super healer’ cell types to the site of injury to start the repairing process and regeneration of new tissue. These ‘super healer’ cells are platelets. Platelets perform many functions in our bodies, including formation of a blood clot and release of growth factors (GF) into injured tissue or a wound to start the healing process. Ageing skin requires a helping hand to initiate the healing and repair process, and this is where PRP therapy excels. PRP provides all of the essential Growth Factors (GFs) that stimulate healing and improves the body’s own ability to heal in a safe, effective way.

Worldwide research has proven that PRP is effective for regeneration of tissues. Published clinical research studies have demonstrated that PRP is beneficial for rejuvenation of facial ageing, including wrinkling in persons with modest grades of photo or chronological aging. There are over 10,000 published scientific research papers on the use of PRP to improve healing – across all treatment areas, eg: surgery, sports medicine, orthopaedics, dental and aesthetic.

TGA Approved Devices

TGA regulation of PRP procedures

In July 2018, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) tightened regulation governing all blood products & biological materials and further legislation was introduced. All Alocuro devices are listed on the TGA’s ARTG register as medical devices. All facets of Alocuro protocol meet the current TGA regulations and the PRP produced is ‘regulated as blood components but exempt from most regulation requirements’ when PRP procedures have medical practitioner oversight.

The PRP that Alocuro PRP system produces is therefore allowed to be performed outside of a hospital and advertised to the public because it meets all of the following criterion:

• Collected from a patient who is under the clinical care of a medical or dental practitioner registered under a law of a State or an internal Territory; and

• Manufactured and used by the practitioner with primary responsibility for clinical care OR by a person or persons under the professional supervision of that practitioner; and

• For a single indication in a single clinical procedure; (this means no freezing for later use)

• Are minimally manipulated and for homologous use.
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